Buy now Unived Lean Vegan Pea Protein Isolate For Lean Muscle, Vanilla Espresso Flavour, 25G Protein Per Serving, 30 Servings (2.1Lb

Description of product:-

ean is the next generation protein supplement to help you build and maintain lean muscle and recover faster. Each serving of lean contains 25 grams of pure pea protein isolate to meet the elevated requirements of individuals who want to build lean muscle, and athletes who are engaged in exacting workouts like weight training, resistance training, and high endurance activities. Lean is suitable for anyone who wants to improve the nutritional heft of their diet with a high-quality protein, especially individuals with exclusionary diets like vegans and vegetarians. With 80 percent pure pea protein and 4200mgs of bcaas per serving, lean offers a complete and perfectly balanced amino acid profile with all the essential and non-essential amino acids. Lean is 100 percent vegan,

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  • European Pea Protein: Made In Europe Using The Finest Yellow Peas From Canada
  • 25G Protein Per Serving: Each Serving Provides A Balanced And Complete Amino Acid Profile With 4200Mg Bcaa And 25 Grams Of Pea Protein.
  • Sugar-Free & Low Carb: There Is No Sugar Added Making It Diabetic-Friendly. There Are Also Only 3 Grams Of Carbs Per Serving.
  • No Artificial Sweeteners: Formulated With Natural Sweeteners. It’S Absolutely Gluten-Free, Hypoallergenic, Has 98% Digestibility, 100% Cholesterol Free, And Preservative Free.
  • Unived Has Pioneered The Vegan & Plant-Based Supplement & Sports Nutrition Space In India And Is Known For Authentic, Transparent, And High Quality Products.


Note:-   The order quantity for this product is limited to 3 units per customer

Please note that orders which exceed the quantity limit will be auto-canceled. This is applicable across sellers.This product is non-returnable

some question and answer :-

  • Question:
    Which. Is the best flavour
  • Question:
    Is it in container or in a sealed cover
    I ordered mine from Unived’s website & received it in a plastic container.



Customer reviews

  • Ever since I went vegan I had been looking for a good vegan protein powder. My search ended when I came across this local vegan startup Unived that caters to athletes and bodybuilders. This protein powder is completely organic and superb tasting. Also I have not faced any digestive issues which was a common problem with other protein powders. Go support your local vegan startups.
  • i always found it hard to meet my daily protein requirements, and i found unived pea protein while searching for a vegan protein supplement online, I’ve been using it for the last 4 months and i can really feel the difference in my muscle build and energy levels 🙂 the protein shake keeps me really full and i hardly have any cravings for unhealthy carbs, this is beacuse pea protein stabilizes your insulin and controls sugar levels. It tastes nuetral , so you can add it to smoothies and dishes of your choice, Also I’ve had absolutely no side effects taking this protein powder, like you would with whey or soy proteins. So go for it, this really is the best one available. 
  • his Unived protein powder has been the perfect supplement in making the move from a non-vegetarian to a primarily vegetarian diet. It is a great substitute for animal protein. The recommended serving of this powder in a milk/yoghurt smoothie with the Unived daily supergreens powder is now my husband’s daily breakfast. We’ve been ordering and using it consistently for four months now. The product arrives in perfect condition and we are very satisfied with the service of the seller/supplier.
  • The taste, as many people have commented isn’t a major issue. I’m at the end of my second 1kg pack and have gotten used to the taste. I’m vegan and I use this protein powder in my post-workout smoothies (usually some fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. in a blender with water). I found it to be definitely better than Olenna (at least the chocolate flavour). That said, I’m not a fan of the packaging. Both the packs have had some issues – the first one just developed leaks with powder everywhere and the second one has a faulty seal. It would serve them well to change the packaging and provide a better container. I recommend Unived to anyone looking for a good quality plant-based protein powder

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